Hello Everybody,

We are Josh Sewell and Jason Lape and on May 21st, 2016 we began a bike trip around the world. Our journey first took us to Lisbon Portugal where we will spend the next several months biking across the European continent. We are taking an open ended approach to this, which means no scheduled stops and no general direction (except east).

Our bikes will take us through Europe, India, SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America and finally back home to North America.

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12 thoughts on “A Bike Around The World

    1. I am Thomas, the biker from Thessaloniki, that we ate together at Deskati, Grevena.
      I wish you to enjoy the bike journey of your life !


  1. I don’t know what your exact route is, but if you are going through Switzerland travel northeast and go to Interlaken then take the Gondala up to a little place called Lauterbrunnen. Sits in between the alps and has a gondala that takes you up toward Jung Frau, you can hike on top of the alps for countless hours and touch the clouds. Also there is a lodge there where you can stay for free, they have hang gliding and cheap food/drinks.

    If you cut through Spain check out the Mediterranean on Barcelona’s beaches. There is a giant hotel called the W that scales the ocean and you can walk into it and take the elevator to the very top.

    Spain and France have hotel chains called AC Marriotts. I know you probably are staying in Hostels or camping out but if you want to clean up a little shoot me an email and ill send you a discount form. To give you an idea the hotels have free breakfast and usually run at about 20-30 euros or francs.

    Good Luck guys.



  2. Last seen on the platform in Kolkata, after a tough night without a seat or a berth on the train from Varanasi. I hope that you made your flight are having / have had a good time in Vietnam. Does cycling the NZ leg still feature in your plans?


  3. Josh, it’s JC from Outback. Michelle and I talking about you yesterday and wanted to say hello. Let us know if you need anything, now or later anytime.
    You inspired me. Planning to drive across country. I’m converting a trailer now and hope to leave in May. Peter died on Thanksgiving, peacefully at home. I miss him terribly. Shoot me an email or text bro. PAX/jc


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