Key West

After just over a year of living in “paradise” you might think that I have found my final destination and have now planned on staying here for quite some time. However, if you know me at all, you have realized that this is now the longest i have stayed anywhere in quite some time and my insatiable lust for being on the road is about to burst. In the past year i have contemplated sailing around the world, traveling by van to Alaska, and now finally deciding to bike around the world. One might think that I’d be foolish to leave such a place, with its endless amounts of bars, beautiful clear blue waters, and endless amounts of beautiful women, but for me being what my good friend superman calls a ‘fringe person’ is the true life for me.  Its now 4 months until we leave and no matter if I’m doing a snorkel briefing for a bunch of tourists on a boat in the middle of the ocean or having a few drinks with friends on a beautiful 75 degree January night, every aspect of this journey around the world seems to creep its way into my mind. I’m not sure if its truly the lack of ideal personality in this place, or the lack of mountains, or maybe the fact that I’m on a dead end road at the bottom of Florida living on an overpopulated island that drives me to leave this place. Needless to say,I’m beyond excited to dive head first into this new life with nothing but my bike and a few supplies.

Sun tanned skin, beautiful women, swimming with sharks, night life, and warm weather?


Breakfast, lunch and dinner in a new spot every day and meeting people from all over the world on a simple bicycle. Undetermined routes and endless amounts of new experiences on an ever changing horizon for years…

I’ve made my choice 🙂


A pre trip blog post

I am still learning how to work this website. I now understand why people are willing to pay so much to have a site built for them. Here I am, in Key West, Florida working as many hours as I can at Outback Steakhouse and anticipating a day when the source of my anxiety is no longer singing birthday at the foot of a ranch covered table in an “Australian” themed restaurant. Anyway, enough negativity, Jason and I bought tickets for Lisbon last week. We fly out of Jacksonville, May 21st, 12:20 p.m, I picked up a brand spanking new Surly LHT for a supremely discounted price and although I have to sell the bike I rode through Oregon, the new bike has made this adventure start to feel much more real and incredibly close.

My little brother gave me his old Go Pro for Christmas, I am learning how to use it and we have honest intentions of making Youtube movies along the way. I will post any videos that happen here on this blog. I am a little nervous about traveling with a laptop, it is something I have never done before, but I am excited to have an outlet and public place to work on my writing. Jason will also be making posts once I teach him how to use this thing.

I suppose the direction of this website will develop along the way. As for now it will be something to show people when they ask what we are planning. Keep checking back because we will have plenty to talk about in the time leading up to our exit from Key West.