Do It While You’re Young



There are 162 days left in my 20’s. That dreadful number that is ever so looming to those that feel life is passing by at a rate too fast for comfort. Somehow the thought of becoming old without feeling accomplished or in some sense an aid to society is a frightful one. When you’re a teenager you cant wait to get older. When you’re in your twenties you have the world figured out and nothing can stop you. What happens when you’re 30? 40? 50? 60?? jesus.. slow down..Time and again, whenever I happen to fall into the position of storyteller, recalling my last few years of traveling and the adventures in which i have been so lucky to experience the same comments are made by those around me.

“Do it while you’re young”

This usually coming from the mouth of a mid thirties mother of 3 or the”successful” business man who has spent the last year saving for the vacation of their dreams in key west florida where they have met me, the basic “non-successful” boat  mate. Personally I’ve strayed away from the straight line path that society has set up for us all. School, college, graduation, career, marriage, house, kids, retirement. That’s one path that works very well for some, but for those of us that need something else, perhaps a bit more fulfilling, there are endless options. I refuse to “do it while I’m young”. In fact I will “do it” as long as “it” makes me happy.

“I wish i could do something like that”

You can.

The point is, I have made a conscious effort to focus on what makes me happy. Rather than money and things, I’m determined to find happiness in other ways. That will continue with me until the day I die. Not just while i’m young. Not once i retire..

Now and always now.

I recently looked up the top regrets of those who are dying and it hit pretty close to home.

1.   I wish I had lived my own life rather than how society taught me to live.
2.   I wish I discovered my purpose earlier.
3.   I wish I had taken more risks.
4.   I wish I’d allowed myself to love.
5.   I wish I had touched more lives and inspired more people.

One thought on “Do It While You’re Young

  1. Jason, you inspire so many people. You have an unbelievable soul. Your drive and joy are infectious. I love you, Mom xo


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