Key West (on second thought)


As i flipped off the first light of 7 in my now empty key west apartment of the past year and a half a thought of how I might actually miss this place after all creeped into my head. Before this moment the normal everyday thought was fuck this place with all its mindless tourists and over priced groceries. Fuck this place with its over population and high priced rent. Fuck my job where I’m forced to work 14 hours a day for 6-7 days a week. But now, as i turned out the light and walked out of my bedroom and into the upstairs hall I began to feel a bit nostalgic.


The light was now out in the hallway where I walked everyday past the laundry room and down the stairs and finally out into the world that is key west. I thought about when i first moved in. Full of optimism and happy feelings about the upcoming times. My coworkers used to get annoyed at the fact that my over all opinion was usually something along the lines of “Man, this job is awesome! why is everyone so down all the time? Were on a boat in paradise!” But as the time past i became one of them. An ungrateful, self centered asshole drowned by the over bearing, never ending work and lack of time to do anything for myself. Id go out, wake up hungover and struggle through the next day until this became a part of my life. Finally ceasing to go out at all and becoming even more “anti-keywest”. However, at this particular moment i was feeling sentimental about the good times. Almost that feeling one gets when thinking about that horrible ex girlfriend from years ago that cheated on you. “She wasn’t that bad, I miss the way she smelled” In hindsight, my job was incredible. I had an opportunity to be the center of attention, to be “the show” and talk about my past stories with the most absorbent audience. I would swim in the beautiful ocean every single day and occasionally see sharks, stingrays, and turtles. I could walk up, at anytime, to a beautiful girl in a bikini with no fear and maybe even get a phone number. (Tourists love local boys with long hair)


I walked down the stairs to the first floor. Past the newly repaired chew marks on the corners of the baseboards where my dog Mila had chewed probably thinking that her best friend might never com back from work. I thought about the times her and i had gone to the dog park and she would get all the dogs to chase her at full sprint to finally lay next to me in the shade panting.


Another light out. Time has been going fast. After the past few months that seemed to drag on longer than ever, this last couple weeks has flown by faster than ever.



One light remained. As I stood in the doorway about to shut the light out and close the door for a final time i though, this is it. One week and I leave Key West for an undetermined amount of time. One week and all the good that is here will only be a memory. Warm climate all year long. Countless bars open till 4am. I thought about the “snow days” we’d have when it would rain all day and we’d all go day drinking cause the trips were cancelled. I thought about the great friendships i had made at work and the amount of laughter throughout the day. The sunsets and looking for the green flash that would never come. I even thought about Tomas and Austin, the brothers who i feuded with who wished me well, but said i would never make it on this bike trip. So many good times. So much love, but so ready to go. Even after all my angst towards this place, it turns out i would actually miss it. Maybe ill see you someday in the future key west, but for now its over. i love you.



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