FAQ: An interview with Jason

The following is a transcript of an interview I had with Jason after dinner somewhere in the woods.

Here he answers a few of the questions we often hear.

How long will this take you?

“We plan on taking about a year and a half to two years to do this.”

Where do you sleep?

“We sleep in the woods on the side of road hidden in the trees, hopefully not get caught.”



What do you eat?

“I eat food, what do you eat? But lately I eat cold ravioli, bread, meat, cheese and the occasional bottle of wine.”


How far do you go in a day?

“We usually do 60 miles or around 100 km. It depends on the terrain or if we run into cool people who want to hang out. Do you have a hot tub at your house?”

Are you independently wealthy?

“Yeah, I’m loaded…I worked my ass off for the past year or so to do this, so just enough money to fuel my body and afford a bottle of wine or beer every once in a while.”

What about the oceans?

“Honestly, just fill up the tires with some extra air, get a running start and skip across the water.”


Do you have a blog?

“Yes, absolutely. Let me get you a sticker, its called Rollingtheearth.com”

Would you like me to buy you a beer?


Where are you from?

“Uh, it all depends on who’s asking, but originially Cleveland, Ohio. Go Cavs.

Do you get any flats?

“Would you believe it if I told you I haven’t had one. I was expecting to at this point but I haven’t. Thats one thing I would have liked to have been able to say with a serious face on my cross America trip.”

Are you guys brothers?

“Nah, we’re cousins.


Is it hard?

“Compared to… yeah it’shard, but compared to the “real” world it is easy. Going uphill all day is difficult but its worth it when you get up there and have views of oceans, cliffs or forests, its worth it. But you have to earn everything, in order to get to the downhill and feel like you are on a motorcycle you have to suffer, in order for that Coke to taste so good you have to chug hot water up that hill. But its easy in the sense that I am happy all the time. You simplify your life to a couple bags on the back of your bike and then ride it all day you start to appreciate small things you might otherwise take for granted. My only job is to ride a bicycle all day.”

Do you share a tent?

“Only when I’m really lonely. No, but I have a two MAN tent just in case.”

You smoke!?

“Yep, but I quit all the time right before I go to bed.”

Are you worried about Donald Trump?

“Nah, I love him. But if he does become president I’m Canadian, look, check out this little pin I have on my frontbag.”









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